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3 killer tips for weight loss

here is 3 killer tipes for weight loss

Here is 3 killer tips for weight loss:

Avoid restrictions and frustrations 

At the beginning of each diet, the feeling is always the same. You are excited because of the idea to start your new diet. But soon, you lose patience and rigor of the program begins to annoy you. Why? Because very often, the plan you choose is limited and you need to constantly monitor the foods you can and can not eat. 

To keep your diet, no need to remove all your favorite foods. More you curb your likely food more you are able to catch up in the future with unhealthy food. To keep a balance add some of your favorite foods in your diet up to two or three times a week. 

Make healthy choices 
Similarly, contrary to the assumptions that involve bohemian eat what you want, "as it is in small amount," make healthy choices and avoid foods that are too rich in fat and carbohydrates. Even though the portions are small, you will not have a weight loss eating a steak fries every two days. Instead, you're likely to develop bad cholesterol. Rather prefer healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, proteins) and especially do not force yourself to eat foods you do not like. Try several recipes are low in vegetables to see what suits you best. 

Many people tend to skip breakfast, either because they do not have the time or because they were "not hungry." However, many studies have shown the benefits of breakfast. Ideal for metabolism, breakfast allows you to burn calories faster, and you feel less tired so less likely to snack. 

In addition, be sure to take each of your meals in small quantities. To facilitate your weight loss, doctors recommend eating five to seven meals a day. These dishes will help you digest your food more easily and especially store less fat

Stay motivated 
Finally, motivation is certainly essential to your weight loss. Always present at the beginning, if you are not well organized, it can quickly fall. So, before you start your diet, plan ahead, and do not let the routine overwhelm you. Plan your meals (without making a chronic obsession) and keep prepared foods on hand for those days when you do not have time to cook. Finally, to avoid boredom and failure of your weight loss, alternate your routine and add new foods at every meal. Some will also need to set goals on paper. Very effective, this method will also allow you to make a point on the path and you will be all the more proud!)

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