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Going beyond the norm with the Traditional Mediterranean Diet

By Robert Lewis

The Mediterranean diet is gradually getting more and more popular all around the world mainly for its myriad health benefits. Everyone knows that a high fat diet can have negative effects on our health and wellness. A diet rich in unhealthy saturated fats is a main cause of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many other health problems.

The lowest and the largest portion of the food pyramid consist of foods that are used as the main base of every-day meals. Some of the foods included in this part are breads, pasta, grains, beans, legumes, seeds, spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables. One should include these foods as a major part of their daily meal, along with cheese, yogurt and dairy products.

Everyone is fairly knowledge about the significant beneficial effects of the fruits and vegetables on our health. Daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods keeps one healthy and considerably reduces the incidences of numerous health concerns. Also, the fresh diet keeps you looking younger and youthful because of the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants play a vital role in maintaining the organs, skin and muscles of our body. A diet rich in antioxidants eradicates the harmful toxins of our body to promote a longer and healthier life.

Breads, pasta, rice, couscous, grains, whole foods and potatoes are the major part of this diet plan. The Mediterranean diet pyramid is a helpful guide for all of those who want to try this diet for keeping themselves healthy. One can daily consume the food products mentioned in the bottom largest part of the pyramid. Similarly, the food products indicated in the apex of the pyramid should be taken a few times per month, like red meat.

Many scholars have studied the effectiveness of this diet, and concluded it to be a very healthy and wholesome diet for any individual. It has been proven that this diet highly reduces the risks of various diseases like cancer, Alzheimer diseases, strokes and cardiovascular disease. Most of the fad diets are harmful for our health and can be the cause of kidney failure. However, this diet only contains moderate portions of each type of foods.

People who are looking for a weight loss plan can incorporate this diet in their lifestyle. It has been shown that the chances of rebound weight gain are much less in the Mediterranean Diet because it's not something that only lasts for a couple of weeks, but is rather a lifelong commitment. Also, recent studies have indicated that symptoms of Type-2 diabetes patients were highly reduced after they added Mediterranean cuisines in their diet.

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