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Why Cholesterol Level Needs To Be Healthy

By Javyer Kcliney

Taking care of one's health is everybody's priority today because getting sick today is already very costly. Included in the quest for good health is the achievement of a correct cholesterol value. The definition of cholesterol is that it is a compound that is made by the body, composed of lipid and steroid.

The organ of the body responsible for the creation of cholesterol is the liver and aside from the liver, the food that Is taking in also contributes to cholesterol in the body. Three kinds of cholesterol are recognized by science. First is the low density lipoprotein which is also referred to as 'bad cholesterol' since excesses of which are deposited in the artery walls increasing the risk of heart disease.

If there is bad cholesterol, there's also good cholesterol or the high density lipoprotein. High density lipoprotein stops the deposition of fats in the artery walls that is why it is good for the health. Third are the triglycerides which form the plasma lipids or blood fat. It is important to maintain a normal level of these three types of cholesterol if you want to be healthy. Thus, having your cholesterol level checked regularly is vital so that you'll know if you need some intervention to lower them.

You can perform a lot of things so that you can maintain an ideal cholesterol level. First thing to do is to measure the fat you take in, ensuring that it doesn't exceed 25-35% of the total calories you take for the day. Saturated fat should only be 7% of this 25-35%, polyunsaturated fat, 10% and monounsaturated fat, 20%. Food you take in should have cholesterol of not more than 200 milligrams. Eating food high in fibre, increasing physical activity and having a normal weight can also be ways to have a normal cholesterol level.

Aside from the methods above, cholesterol level can also be maintained or lowered by taking medications such as statins. The sad part of this though is that medicating is only preferred when alteration in diet and way of living are no longer effective. One of the most important things is to understand the different types of cholesterol. You can easily find relevant information on the Internet if you look up. Therefore, taking of oneself essentially involves having the correct cholesterol value through an appropriate way of living.

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