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How to lose belly fat in a week?

How to lose belly fat in a week?

Lose belly fat in a week is possible with a minimum of will and personal investment. This loss will be different depending on the individual and many other factors (work, regularity,metabolism of each ...). A week is really a minimum, but you can significantly slim the waist, and therefore have a flatter stomach, if you give it the means.

The choice of slim size can be various reasons for medical advice (overweight), small personal challenge or another.
Avoid at all costs meats, chips, cakes, sodas, candy, excessive table salt and prefer simple and natural foods low in fat and sugar fast.
Here food choices: fish (except salmon), white meat (chicken breast, turkey), dairy products with 0% fat (or lighter).
Do not skimp especially vegetables: Nothing like home-made soups, but avoid all prepared which are often too salty.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day and regularly.
Avoid snacking and not eating late at night. By cons, you can take a small snack around 10 h and 16 h to others by taking a dairy product with 0% fat and a pear or an apple.
Think especially well vary your food throughout the week.
Regarding starches, do not delete never completely, take a little lunch and half in the evening.
Do not be afraid of vegetable oils (Isio 4): one tablespoon at lunch and dinner are good fats that fight against evil!

Physical activity:
Here's one way to put into practice in order to best achieve your goal.
Work abdominal and oblique sheathing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Stand on tiptoe while resting on the forearms, and try to keep as long as possible.
The body should form a perfect straight line (do not dig back), women can opt for the version on the knees that is easier.
For oblique same procedure, except that you stand on the side and do both sides.
Cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday is not all to enjoy, which is why a good walk at a moderate pace will do, for a period of 45 minutes to 1 hour max.
Information Of course, lose belly on a longer period would provide more meaningful results, but you can already reduce your waistline in just one week!

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