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Lose weight by drinking milk

Lose weight by drinking milk!

You have tried every diet possible, based on all products imaginable ... but have you thought about the milk? Because according to U.S. researchers, calcium would not only not gain weight, but more importantly it would promote fat loss! The miracle diet that heals your online maintaining your skeleton is he?
To lose weight, you have given up on yogurt and cheese ... False! Not only you should not overlook dairy products, but instead you should even give them an important role in your diet!

More milk, less fat ...

Indeed, the calcium would have beneficial effects on overweight! That at least is the conclusion of a study conducted on U.S. 1 54 women aged 18 to 31 years for two years.
These studies have observed the effects of calcium in women whose energy intake is about 1900 kcal per day. Among those whose diets contained a total of less than 780 milligrams of calcium, the researchers found an increase in fat mass. Those who consumed about 780 milligrams of calcium had a stable weight. More interestingly, women whose contributions were an average of 1 gram per day lost weight! The effect seemed more pronounced when the source of calcium was dairy products, rather than plants or nutritional supplements.

Limited losses

While these works are relative. On the one hand, these results seem to work only for a daily energy intake of about 1900 kcal. In addition, calcium intake would have any effect on weight. In addition, with regard to getting slim women with calcium, the maximum loss was about three pounds during the entire study period ... or two years.
In addition, scientists are unaware of the mechanism of action of calcium on weight.However, if the role of this mineral in the body is confirmed, new cheese or yogurt may see the day ... Not content to be 0%, they will guarantee us a weight loss through an enriched calcium!

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