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lose weight quickly and easily

How to Lose Weight Quickly and Easily? This is what everyone wants right?
And yet the two are not possible at the same time.Think about it: easy weight loss will in time lose weight quickly and require considerable effort.
In fact, to lose weight quickly, you must limit calories while paying attention to nutritional and without going below the resting metabolism. This calculation is quite complex, and it requires advanced knowledge in nutrition to get there.
In addition, it is necessary to lose weight fast necessarily burn calories with physical activity. In general it does not rhyme with "lose weight easily!"
On the other side, to lose weight easily, you have to be patient. If you do not want to diet or do sports, you can change your eating habits for the long-term results. With patience, you can lose an average of 100 to 200 g per week, which is equivalent to 5 to 10 pounds in a year.
Losing weight is like winning the money it can not be easy at the same time. Or is it the lottery and there are only a lucky week. No warranties, and often a lot of money wasted for a lifetime thing. Maybe this is your case? Maybe you already bought miracle pills, discovered a suspicious site? You pay only € 2.99 for receiving super pills, and a week later your account is emptied of € 49.99 and so every two weeks? And of course the pill did not lose weight, from 2 or 3 pounds the first week due to dehydration caused by the pill? They are smart these Americans is that correct?
If you have found (e) in this situation, you've lost a few pounds quickly, easily, but you have also lost a few hundred dollars and you have lost weight quickly recovered.
No, lose weight quickly and easily, this is not possible.
What is possible however is to follow a nutritional program customized and adapted over a defined period, with the support of a professional weight loss. This method is not easy, but it is easy to follow, it does not require any special knowledge (expert follows you), it is spread over time (count an average of 1kg per week) and the weight loss is permanent.
Lose weight this way is much more reasonable and the success rate is very high (20% success rate with a GP, 35% with a dietician or nutritionist, 80% with a coach or expert in weight loss).

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