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How to easily lose weight by knowing your body

There must be a reason why some people are able to lose weight easily and others do not. And if it was because these individuals have learned about their bodies? 
Knowing your body is nothing mystical: it is obvious to all who want to be aware of what they do, and in particular their relationship to food.

Each of us has different needs, there is not a rule for everyone. You and only you can know what you need. Of course, you can get help from a specialist. But it is not necessary to go that far.
Of course, it is learned progressively, it does not come at once. We are often too accustomed since childhood to eat without really aware of what is in our plate ... and we do not pay attention to signs that our body sends us: "Stop! I am no longer hungry, "" I'd like a vegetable fat instead of fries, "" No! No dessert this time, I have too much sugar already! "" I need to let off steam "... etc..

Getting to decrypt the messages your body sends you greatly helps to lose weight.
A process that starts ... 

If you are aware of your body when you eat, and even when you prepare to eat (shopping, cooking), you will see that automatically, your eating habits will change.

Indeed, nothing worse than feeling bloated after meals and be soft throughout the afternoon. If you can, for example, you say stop time during the meal

    - you will not be bloated,
    - you will lose weight. 

The logic is simple: stop time makes you eat less. Eat less and lose weight.  
 So be listening to your body and not your head:

-You no longer have the same desires. You notice that your body desires healthy: more fruits, more vegetables, whole grains, etc..
 -You eat less. Your body is satiated sooner, but you die of hunger every afternoon.

Easy to say, as always. Losing weight is an obession for many of us and requires unwavering courage ... especially not to take the pounds flew! Knowing your body is key to lose weight, but it is not obvious to implement. Knowing your body helps you change your eating habits, and food is the central pillar of the weight loss.

Learn to know your body gently and turning on your staff an easy process and works every time for weight loss: after a few months, you will not recognize your desires! 


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