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Lose weight Now! All you need is ONE day

How to lose weight in 1 day?
To lose weight in 1 day
You can always optimize your time to boost metabolism, burn calories and lose weight. Here's a 14-point program that will punctuate your day and help you to lose weight in only 1 day :

7:00: Wake up. Continue with 2 minutes of jumping jacks or pumps.
7:15: Enjoy two scrambled eggs and a slice of bacon. In 2009, a study by the University of Perdue revealed a breakfast rich in protein helps you feel nurtured and plumb all day. You're less likely to snack.
7:45: Make a little gym and lifting weights slowly. According to a study by the University of Wayne State, take 3 seconds to lift the weight can change your metabolism.
9:00: Drink a little milk. A diet rich in calcium can increase weight loss, according to a study published in 2007.
10:00: Eat a high protein snack like half a turkey sandwich with cheese. In a study by State University of Georgia athletes who took three times daily snacks of about 250 calories were more likely to lose fat and have more energy than those who don't take it.
11:00: Walk quickly around the block. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic found that thin people walking an average of 5 km per day more than obese people.
13:00: For lunch, eat a spinach salad with grilled fish and almonds. All these foods contain magnesium.
14:00: If your meeting is composed of only one or two people trying to walk while talking with your guests.
16:00: Drink a glass of iced green tea. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, green tea helps to degrease the body.
17h00: Pause spicy. According to a 2006 study, spicy foods help burn fat and calories.
19:00: Walk before dinner.
19h30: Have dinner. If you feel that you have eaten enough today, do not worry about dinner is here for. Reward Yourself a minimum as this will help to renew this day.
21h30: Take a good book (or your last issue of Men's Health!), Put soft music as background music and relax. Stress increases cortisol levels which boosts abdominal fat.
22h30: Sleep well. According to a 2008 study, the loss of sleep affects the hormones that burn fat and calm your appetite.

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