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Lose weight without dieting!

Lose weight without dieting!

Want to lose weight without dieting? No question of going on a diet? Good news: Be aware that it is possible to lose weight without dieting or necessarily starving yourself.Change some of your (bad) habits may be enough to tip the balance on the right side. 

With my 12 slimming tips, you will refine your silhouette without depriving you ...

  • Stop fast food
  • Everyone knows that eating at fast-food is bad for your health. Except that in general we go anyway! So if you want to keep yourself on the line, stop junk food because burgers and fries, you can imagine, it is highly caloric! 

  • Swap sugary sodas against the light versions 
If you regularly drink soda ultra sweet to quench your thirst lift the foot! Opt for lighter versions some time and gradually reduce their consumption to become a fan of water, slimming ally # 1!

  • Stop snacking
If there is an enemy to our line is snacking. Especially if you eat junk food. So if cravings, it refrains before plunging headlong on a bar of chocolate. If you need to crack, do it for an apple, for example, rather than chips.

  •  walking
Walk the dog, pick up his wand (oh no it's bread grow thin!), Park a little farther than under the window of his office are to adopt new habits for a walk every day and more and burn calories.

  • Drink until you no longer feel thirsty!
You must drink. Again and again. Why? Simply because the brain, the signal of hunger and thirst is the same. Therefore when you're feeling peckish, you may in reality you just thirsty. So remember to moisturize.

  • Do not skip meals
If you think to skip the breakfast, lunch or dinner will help you lose weight, you're wrong! It is essential to at least 3 meals per day (or 4 with the taste). Why? Simply because when you skip a meal, the next you do store fat that you do not bring to your organization. So eat to lose weight! 

  • Eat at the right time
Meet her biological clock is very important. So we split times of meals based on its activities during the day and keeping the pace ... for life! This is what is called chrono-nutrition. And keeping in mind the need: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.

  • Change dishes
Fool your brain into eating in smaller plates to reduce the portions you serve.
Another less known trick: Bet on plates of color eat less.
The idea seems you crazy? Not so much! In reality, each color has an impact on the brain. Eating a red plate open appetite. White plates are neutral with respect to blue and black, they would have a satiety effect. Why? Just because foods are black or blue and ultra rare for the brain, these colors do not return to the field of food.

  • Prepare the perfect plate
First idea to not gain weight: you must eat healthy. For this, the distribution of food on your plate should be precise ... So we keep in mind the magic slimming formula: 50% of plants (enjoy yourself on the greens), 25% protein (lean meat and fish, preferably) and 25% carbohydrates (starches friends).

  • Say goodbye to whole milk
Too rich, it is best to ignore the whole milk and build on its version rather skimmed or semi-skimmed (and here, it would be top notch) because they are much less fat and just as good!

  • Put yourself in the household
To burn calories, no mystery: We must move! Take the opportunity to make a great cleaning in your apartment. Wash the floors, scrub your kitchen and clean your windows. You burn more calories and you'll get a nickel chrome inside!
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