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how many calories should I eat to loss weight?

how many calories should I eat to loss weight?
A lot of people are worried in losing weight and this often results in people demanding the question "how many calories should I eat to loss weight?". Ultimately the response to this question is less than you expend. If you are indeed consuming a lot of calories than you expend then this produces a calorie deficit which is fundamental to losing weight and given time your body will adapt by losing weight.

In case you are questioning "how many calories should I eat to loss weight?" you are going to have to make a few notes. What are your weight loss goalsHow many pounds do you need to lose? What it comes down to is you need to figure out your ideal weight, and make it a goal to achieve that weight.

Example: Let's say you are a 25 years old female with a height of 165 cm/ 5'5'' and a actual weight of 65 kilos/ 130 pounds. Your activity level is lightly active (1-3x sports per week) and now you begin demanding "How many calories should I eat to loss weight?"

Most people intake between 1500 and 2000 calories a day, so consuming off the 500 calories is good. You shouldn't try to take off 1000 calories or more than a day, as it is too taxing on your body. A lot of the calories you consume each day are used for bodily function. Up to 60% of your each day calories are used for breathing, digesting, the circulatory system, organ function, and anything else your body does.

 a lot of people are hung up on the question "How many calories should I eat to loss weight?" Sure, you can count calories, but that will become old real fast. It is perhaps a best idea to watch what types of calories you are consuming. If you eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish, you will know that these kinds of foods are low in calories to start with and you will not be so hung up on counting every single calorie that you put in your mouth.
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