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The research behind The Mediterranean Diet

By Benjamin Harper

If you talk to the average professional him working in the health industry, they will tell you that the world's leading weight loss program is the Mediterranean diet because it combines healthy, regular fitness with a combination of organic produce and whole foods to give your body the ultimate nutrition it needs for regularity and total health and wellness.

As the years go on, more and more analysis is continuing to prove the advantages of the Mediterranean Diet Plan. A variety of plant-based foods along with healthy fats from olive oil and fish, the studies have shown that not only can The Mediterranean Diet strategy protect against obesity, but also against the development of chronic diseases, such as dementia, cancer and beyond.

The health and fitness effects of The Mediterranean Diet strategy have been analyzed substantially in the last few decades, resulting in better science and more solid clinical evidence. There are numerous health and fitness advantages, with the most powerful evidence being the protection against strokes and being diabetic.

Above and beyond the simplicity of the recipes that are part of the Mediterranean diet, there are numerous other health advantages that relate to the lifestyle. Stress-free living is promoted by doctors around the world as being the number one way to achieve total health and wellness, and doctors have specifically said that the Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the ultimate ways to achieve stress-free living.

The vast majority of Mediterranean diet recipes revolve around whole foods and organic produce rather than processed, pre-packaged meals. The preparation of most of the food in the Mediterranean diet is very simple and generally revolves around salads and pastas. Nothing is ever processed, and since meat is very rarely consumed you don't have to worry about spending a lot of time in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove.

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