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Can Hypnotist Paul McKenna Help You Lose Weight?

By Anita Hale

Hypnotist Paul McKenna is known for his self help books, DVDs and CDs. From his seminars and publications he has helped thousands of people in beating their phobias and improving their lives.

On top of Paul's printed self help resources, he has delivered indispensable support and counsel to millions of people across 42 countries, thanks to his conferences, live events and television shows. His track record and notoriety have resulted in a wealth of well recognized and hollywood patrons like David Walliams and Ellen DeGeneres. And yet his expertise extends beyond the sphere of acting. His individual brand of personal transformation has also caught the eye of major businesses, Olympic athletes, rock stars and royalty.

Therefore, just what is it about Paul McKenna's tactics that make him so impressive? The principle that extends through almost all of his programmes, whether you are intending to overcome a phobia, give up smoking or trying to lose weight, is that tiny changes may deliver significant results.

This point is a continuing strategy that features throughout his "I Can" titles which include I Can Make You Confident, I Can Make You Sleep and I Can Make You Rich. In particular in the bestselling weight loss system by Paul McKenna, I Can Make You Thin, the particular strategies are brief and direct.

I Can Make You Thin is resolute on the fact that it is not a diet, but a weight loss system. Its basic principle is that men and women are overweight due to the fact they eat driven by their psychological needs in preference to their hunger. By way of example, an over weight person would eat too much simply because they feel tired or downcast or stressed.

That is why Paul McKenna preaches the need to listen to your body and confirm every time you're hungry. He stresses that no food is against the rules and you should be able to eat anything you want, but not until your body is telling you it is hungry. Another crucial detail is to always stop eating from the moment you feel pleasantly full. Not only are these specifics presented in a straightforward fashion in the book, Paul also employs hypnosis to assist with these adjustments via an audio CD. He is adamant that everyone needs to have a certain amount of help with their issues, and that willpower alone is never strong enough to solve a problem.

It is thanks to straightforward strategies such as that Paul McKenna has achieved such massive success.

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