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How to get a flat stomach in 4 lessons

Discouraged in front of your belly, you do not know how to get a flat stomach worthy of Hollywood stars?
Keep your spirits up! Food, health and sport should quickly bring a smile to your navel.
Here are 5 steps to a flat stomach and closes in a few weeks ...

1) Choose the right foods

A flat stomach passes necessarily a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables, cereals ... vary the sources of vitamins and fiber to help eliminate and prevent bloating.
Oats, for example, is one of the favorite ingredients of your belly. The salads are also good allies to eliminate, and their satiating effect.
In summer, you can have fun with fruits and vegetables in season in the winter concoct delicious meals with attention to ingredients too fat.
A mid-season, do a little detox cure to cleanse your body and leave the right foot!
And contrary to popular belief, the carbohydrates, such as pasta and rice should not be banned from food, without abusing it.
You will also learn how to reduce your tax base and reduce fat when cooking.
2) Strengthen your abs
Even more flemmardes of us will not cut it: a flat stomach and shapely abs necessarily pass through sport!
Traditional sessions of abs through the gym, fitness or other high calorie expenditure sports such as swimming, tennis, jogging ...
Move is essential for the line, but also for health.
3) Stalk cellulite
Fight against stubborn cellulite on your stomach and hips improves elasticity and hydration of the skin.
For this, many techniques are recommended: massage the stomach, applying creams destockantes the slimming clothing, the use of manual palpate and roll ...
In breaking fat deposits beneath the skin, you may be able to lose a few inches!
4) destress!
It is well known, the stress and the pounds often go together. Especially with regard to the belly, cradle of emotions and victim No. 1 anxiety problems.
To feel better in her womb, so we will start by trying to get better in his head! Some relaxation sessions can help you better manage your emotions, and learn some breathing exercises anti-stress.
Yoga or meditation can also help you relax and relieve you - if it is a few pounds - small everyday worries.

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