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The Best Food For Weight Loss

By Nea Brown

The internet is packed with all kinds of information and hype surrounding miracle diets, slimming pills and short cuts to getting in shape. While much of this is useful, a fair slice of it is misinformation and delivered by people with a product to sell. In order to make sure you don't get duped by an overzealous marketer's views on a fad product, it's best to seek independent advice on the best food for weight loss.

To help you do so, this guide will go through some of the best foods to add to your diet if you want to burn some fat. Organizing your diet is up to you. If you can build it around these foods, however, it will almost certainly be a good one for lowering the digits next time you take to the scale.

The protein packed egg is a good starting point. A plate of scrambled eggs before you get to work in the morning will give you much more and longer lasting energy then a pile of toast or a cream cheese bagel. As well as stopping you from snacking pre-lunch it will add far less inches to your waist line.

Green tea is another excellent choice for those looking to shed the pounds. Not only does the complex mixture of antioxidants in it speed up your metabolism, thus letting it convert food to energy much faster, but it also helps lower cholesterol. Next time you take a coffee break, consider fixing yourself a green tea instead.

Sandwiches are another enemy should you be planning to slim down. Replacing your lunchtime sandwich with a simple fresh soup is one definite step towards a flatter belly. A nice fresh soup will also be filled with vitamins which will do plenty of favors to your body.

If you're the kind of person who likes to sprinkle sugar on their snacks, the idea of switching cold turkey to plain, unsweetened treats might seem like a sad one indeed. Here is where cinnamon comes in handy. When you've just eaten a meal, your insulin spikes which is why you often find yourself hankering for something sweet to help it go down. Cinnamon helps control this urge and is much less fattening than sugar.

Our next tip is one which should be exercised cautiously. Really it is only for the snackers amongst you - those people who just can't get through the day without a quick bite between meals. Nuts are a far healthier and less fattening alternative to crisps or cookies should you need a snack. That does not mean that you should add lots of nuts to your diet if you do not snack, as they still add fat. It just means that if you have to snack, nuts are the best option.

At the center of any conversation about fat burning food is fruit. Adding more fruit to your diet is always sage advice, for your mood, for your digestive system and for your waistline. The best of all for purely weight loss purposes are probably pears. They have plenty of fiber and can fill you up for a long time. Apples and grapefruit are also well worth eating.

Perhaps the thing to keep most in mind when you start searching for food for weight loss is that losing weight is not the only goal of rearranging your diet. Remember to stay healthy. Losing pounds is no good if you are sapped of energy all the time as a result.

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