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Kettlebell Exercises, Aqua Zumba, and Aerial Yoga: Changing Working Out

By Rob Sutter

In the 1970s jogging was standardized as a workout. Heart attacks and heart disease were swiftly increasing in the United States because processed and refined foods were more accessible. Physicians began to combat this trend by recommending regular cardiovascular exercise. Jogging became a new and trendy way for Americans to exercise. Prior to the 1970s people did not run for fun or for exercise. They ran to escape ornery canines, schoolyard bullies, or to catch an early bus. But jogging gained a reputation as a fun and proficient method for getting in shape. Kettlebells, kettlebell exercises, yoga, dancing, and sword fighting are becoming popular exercises today because people want new and fun ways to workout. The current workout trends are all about having fun and simultaneously getting in shape.

The newest trend amongst mothers desiring to lose baby fat is in stroller equipment. Stroller workouts are used by these women in order to burn calories and reduce fat. One study in recent memory displayed that stroller workouts possess a greater level of intensity and lost calories as opposed to a mother simply walking alone. Statistics showed that 372 to 444 calories can potentially be burned each hour, about the same as riding a bicycle. These are also beneficial for the mother's time with her child and more mothers seem to be building their own workout groups with others. There's no doubt that this has become a popular yet helpful way to keep in touch and get in shape.

Kettlebell exercises are starting to gain ground as the trendiest method to get into shape. A kettlebell's appearance is quite different, resembling that of a cannonball that can be used to perform versatile exercises incorporating power, flexibility, and cardiovascular status to produce the burning sensation from working out. Due in part to companies such as Lorna, people are starting to reach their weight loss goals much faster and their respective fitness levels cannot be argued. The regimen takes care of cardio and strength-building. There's a level of intensity to be had with these weights, so the traditional dumbbells and treadmills are no longer needed. This form of exercise is enjoyable and because of the litany of movements that can be made, the popularity keeps soaring.

Aqua Zumba is another new trend in exercise that includes both dance and water aerobics. Aqua Zumba is a cardiovascular workout that is done in the water to Latin music. Exercisers who do Aqua Zumba have said that it is like being on vacation because it is fun and playful. Aqua Zumba loosens up the spine, lowers stress, and burns calories fast. There is twelve times more resistance in the pool than in the air. The water supports most of the body so people with bad backs and other physical restrictions can more easily participate. Aqua Zumba is also something different for athletes who might want to cross train and build strength in other areas.

Aerial yoga is one of the wildest trends in exercise today. Aerial yoga is done by hanging upside down from ceiling in a fabric hammock. Aerial yoga helps exercisers to let their belly release, soften impact on the knees, and swing side to side in unison with breathing. Exercisers use the hammocks as a apparatus to lunge and stretch into positions with greater ease than they could on the floor. There are several benefits of the weightless poses such as strengthening the core, stretching muscles, helping heal injuries, and relaxation. Aerial yoga will also give you an entirely different perspective on life and exercise.

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