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How Kettlebell Exercises Can Help Tim Tebow

By Greg Diener

Following the awful loss to the New England Patriots on a recent Saturday night, Tim Tebow has to face numerous questions this off season. One question revolves around his throwing arm, which a lot of people say could use more strength and extra stamina. In football, a quarterback needs to be able to throw a 60 yard pass in the first quarter and in the fourth. Conditioning and stamina are keys to this. Perhaps it's time for Tim Tebow to explore kettlebells and kettlebell exercises.

Kettle-bell weights, the metal weights with handles that are credited as a Russian invention, might be a perfect way for Tebow to work on his overall muscle and treatment. The ancient Greeks and Romans utilized similar weights. Even Chinese monks made use of padlock weights in much the same way as kettlebells are used.

While Tebow goes home to work out this off season, he will have ample time to work out. He may get the best and most effective workouts in terms of strength and conditioning from using kettlebells. Although the kettlebells won't help him with his foot speed or agility, they'll help him burn calories and be in better overall condition, which will contribute to the speed and agility. The workouts will also be far quicker, so Tebow will have plenty of downtime to study game tapes.

Even if Tebow goes home and only trains a few times a week with the kettlebells, he'll still be burning fat in his rest due to the afterburn effect. This effect burns calories so efficiently that if Tebow chooses to bury his grief in ice cream or cake, he likely won't gain more weight because of the kettlebell afterburn affect.

This football enthusiast was very sorry to see Tebow lose against the Patriots. But maybe this will turn up to be a helpful advantage for him. He can take his time getting into better shape than ever before, growing his resilience, and come back hungrier. If Tebow Nation wants to contribute to their favorite quarterback's well being, they should send him some kettlebells. At least it'll be something new, to keep him busy.

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