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Dealing With HCG Diet Plateau Difficulties

By Dr. Amy McMillan

The HCG diet is a popular way to lose weight these days. It contains three phases and in the second phase you can lose weight every day until you reach your goal. While on this program you might hit a snag that is known as the HCG diet plateau, and your weight loss may stop. When this happens, do not panic. These useful tips and ideas may help you solve the problem.

Diet plateaus are not uncommon and most people face them when they attempt to lose weight. Your body may simply be adjusting to a new way of life. Many people notice that they have stopped losing weight, and this can sometime last for five to six days. It is possible that your body will make its own adjustments and you will not have to do anything but exercise patience.

Many people get their daily weight loss back on track by increasing their water intake. If one is not having enough bowel movements, it can cause weight loss to stop. Maintaining plenty of moisture in the system makes it easier for digestion and elimination. You also may wish to take a high fiber product to induce more frequent bowel movements.

If you are no longer losing weight each day, check your program. You may be doing little things that are steering you away from the original plan. Be certain that you eat all the carbohydrates that you need, but not too many. You also can eliminate lean red meat and eat more vegetables. This may be all that you need to do.

Some people get through their HCG diet plateau problems with the help of apples. You should be weighing yourself daily and on the first day of no weight loss, try eating nothing but apples for the entire day. This will take about six apples for your total (depending on the size).

When you try the apple method you should drink just enough water to get by. The idea is to help the body rid itself of excess fluids, and move food through the system. You could notice as much as two pounds difference in one day.

You might be eating the same foods every day and this may cause you to stagnate. Try mixing things up a bit and varying foods. Check to see that you are eating enough every day to keep your metabolism up. Remember that eating at least the minimum calorie amount will help you avoid the HCG diet plateau.

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