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Finding A Menopause Treatment That Is Effective

By Liana Badea

Menopause is not a disease, it is a natural process every woman must go through. The main menopause symptoms are: hot flashes, depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, bone loss and joint pain. When a woman reaches menopause age and starts to experience the menopause symptoms, she has three choices. First option is to go to doctor and ask for prescription medication. Second option is to look for natural herbal remedies. Third option is to remain calm and do nothing, let mother nature follow her course. Very few women contemplate this option, as menopause symptoms are really annoying.

The option to go to the doctor is easy. To diminish the severity of menopause symptoms, a doctor will prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy. This therapy is very popular in USA, but it has side effects, including risk of breast cancer, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Because of these scary side effects, more and more women are looking into a natural approach to menopause, including herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

A prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy is not the only option available to women. Many of them opt for a more natural way of treating menopause. More and more women are trying out natural remedies before they go to the doctor. Natural treatments are ideal because they involve things that the woman's body needs anyway.

Natural herbal remedies will relieve menopause symptoms and improve a woman's overall health in the same time. Besides herbal remedies, a well balanced diet, drinking lots of water and following a simple exercise routine will improve the quality of her life.

Another menopause symptom is the bone loss, that leads to Osteoporosis. Taking the right amount of calcium supplements on a daily basis and incorporating foods rich in calcium in the diet will help the bones to remain strong. Menopause affects every woman's life, either she gets severe menopause symptoms or not.

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