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Things you need to know about risks of HCG diet

By Laura Nelson

Obesity has become a major health hazard in a number of countries and despite best efforts by doctors, there is no miracle cure for it. Of course, you can try several weight loss plans and diets that are available in a market. Hormone driven weight loss programs in particular are found in abundance these days. If you want to try any such therapy, such as HCG based weight loss diets, it is important you know the facts well.

While HCG diets do help in weight loss, they can also cause some side effects on individuals. Before you opt for HCG drops or injections, it would be good to know what sort or risks you may face after undergoing the diet plan. As evident from its name, this diet comprises use of a pregnancy hormone named HCG which is administered to candidates and they are also made to eat recommended foods so that daily calorie intake stays within 500 calories. However, this diet can produce some side effects both on your mind and body.

The side effects of HCG diet can vary from one individual to another. A number of obese persons have developed gallstones after completing HCG diet as it has been observed. This is caused owing to the rapid weight loss triggered by HCG hormone, according to health experts. If left untreated, this can have serious consequences on candidates. Some obese men also face male breast enlargement or Gynaecomastia after using HCG diet. Hormonal changes in body can also cause headaches and unusual swelling of body parts in some individuals.

Another serious side effect of this hormone weight loss diet is gallbladder stone formation. This can have severe effects if treatment is not done. Thyroid level in your body can exceed normal levels owing to application of this pregnancy hormone. This can lead to a condition called Thyrotoxicosis. These conditions can happen to both obese men and women who try such weight loss diets. However, obese women need to be aware of some women specific side effects that can be caused by HCG diet. A number of fat women have experienced ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after trying these diets.

Apart from several physical symptoms, HCG diet can also impact your mental well being in a number of ways. It has been seen that some obese persons tend to become more irritable than usual after trying this weight loss diet. Hormonal imbalance is said to be responsible for these unusual mood swings and depression. Generally, these mental changes do not last for long and after treatment completion, candidates feel better.

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