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Are Celeb Diets Unhealthy?

By Russ Howe Pti

Can you honestly achieve good weight loss results following the latest celeb diet trends? It you are truthful that answer is no and today we show you exactly why.

We all know somebody who has fallen victim to these at some point. Usually a friend will have seen them featured in a glossy gossip magazine and been blown away by how easy it looked and how much 'instant' weight loss was guaranteed.

It's common that folks will become addicted to the search for the 'miracle pill' which will allow them to get instant, zero effort results. That's where these guys make their money at your expense, or rather the fact that you may be a tad naive. There are simple common attributes these routines always feature:

* Quick weight loss for around one week followed by hitting a brick wall and not being able to lose any more weight no matter how much you try.

* Feeling and looking ill, rather than well, despite losing weight.

* Piling the excess pounds straight back on the second we go back to eating regular food again, often leaving us more overweight than when we started.

Today we will show you the reasons why these things happen.

Most of these diets will ask you to cut out all of your favorite junk food, which we know is a massive failure tactic for those new to dieting, as well as drastically cutting your daily calorie intake.

You see, the effect of this sudden drop in calories forces your muscles to enter what we trainers refer to as Starvation Mode. Your body actually stores as much fat as it can to save energy.

This is a real progress killer and is a very bad habit to get out of. This creates yo-yo dieters and instills the false belief in them that in order to lose fat you need to eat as little as possible.

Furthermore, the overall goal is usually a quick fix one or two month target. This adds to the other flaws and creates an effect where people find their body just piles the weight back on and more when they return to eating normally.

Time for some facts. When you are dieting properly you should not feel ill or deprived. You do not need to stop eating your favorite foods you simply need to be taught how to moderate them. We have helped countless men and women lose a ton of weight, none of whom had to stop eating junk food or cutting themselves away from nights out on the town. There is an entire culture out there prepared to take your hard earned cash with promises of easy success though, IF you are prepared to keep letting them do so.

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