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Are Most Diet Programs Flawed?

By Julie Schuester

Most nutritionists agree that many diets are actually just a fast solution with big flaws, and that the real key to shedding weight is to follow a life style of nutritious eating and also regular exercise.

Many diets fail because they're by description a 'short term fix' which includes extreme alterations to your usual eating routine. They surely don't allow you to develop a healthful HABIT of eating better.

You'll stick to some really stringent eating plan for a couple of weeks, and the moment you go back to your old eating habits you gain back the weight.

Fast fix diet programs frequently leave you exhausted, and starving. They are often simply too low in calories, or limit food groups, leaving you nutrient deficient.

Simply because they don't provide sufficient energy to do your workouts and accomplish anything else you must do in a day, they are a short-term option at best.

In the worst case scenario, calorie restrictive diet plans could cause your body to melt away your muscle for energy. You may drop some weight in the short run, however you'll also lose muscle and lower your metabolic process.

This is actually the classic yo-yo diet scenario, and regrettably it's what individuals often think about whenever they hear the word 'diet'. With the rise of really calorie restrictive 'plans', juice diets, cleanses and so on, people take it to the extreme, then regain all their weight and then some.

A truly healthy, life changing 'diet' is going to be something which quickly incorporates into your life-style and assist you to make long term healthy habits. It MUST have a nutrients balance which includes enough protein to maintain your own lean muscle while you shed fat.

Eventually, it's the steady incorporation of new healthy foods and portions, and the elimination of junk as well as overeating leading to weight reduction achievement.

Health professionals agree that starting the day with a protein shake is an excellent way to boost your metabolism and to get the protein you need to keep up muscle mass. For the rest of the day, eating 'lean and green' is the key element!

That is a meal program that is centered around lean protein as well as vegetables with limited grains and starches.

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