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How to Lose Weight Through Mindful Eating

Many people combine meditation with spirituality, with chanting common to most Eastern religions. Actually meditation is all about focus. It trains the mind to focus on just one thought. There is nothing religious or mystical about rumination.

Simply put, ruminationmeditation is about focusion on one thing and normally meditation is about focusing on ourselves. You simply get into an alert and calm frame of mind and observe what thoughts pass through our minds without analysing or trying to control them. You allow the thoughts to pass and do not give them any  importance  at all or stand judgement on them.

In our quest to throw away weight the natural way, meditation can play an important role. We can control our minds with meditation, the same way as you learnt as young children how to control our bodies and not knock things over or fall while walking. However, we never paid much attention to our minds. Our minds simply run wild. So in order to achieve permanent weight loss, you can learn to concentrate through meditation.

People are encouraged to be aware of what they eat and how their bodies react to the food. If you can learn to meditate you will find that you will be more aware of yourself. Meditation is all about self-consciousness. If you meditate for 5 minutes every day you will be watchful and alert. Very soon you will be able to catch yourself when you are about to eat unhealthy food. This will help you to make better choices. This is the natural method to weight loss.

This does not implicate spirituality nor needs you to chant some exotic mantra that you do not understand. All you need to do is sit comfortably on your couch or chair, relax and examine the working of your mind. Be watchful and calm. Just observe your thoughts like you would watch a TV program.hold off yourself from it.

If you keep practising this, you will be rewarded with focus and clarity of thought. Slowly increase the time you spend meditating. This clarity of thought and focus will help you reach your weight loss in a natural way.

You will comprehend the working of your body, and it will also help you make right choices when it comes to the food you eat. Moreover, this focus will enable you to be regular with your exercises. Most weight loss failures happen due to impatience and lack of concentration. Meditation makes a person patient and more aware. This helps in achieving step by step progress to permanent weight loss.

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