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Get The Scoop With The Proactol Review

By Diane Lee

Weight loss products are big business. The Proactol review may shed some light about why this product is a great solution for effective weight loss. Proactol is a fiber complex that is 100 percent organic without harmful side effects. Used for the reduction and maintenance of weight, Opuntia Ficus-Indica, the major ingredient, is derived from cactus found in Mexico. It is also known as Prickly Pear or Barbary Fig.

Obesity not only affects the way one looks and feels about themselves, but it can contribute to health conditions such as high blood pressure or heart problems. Some of the reasons one might have weight issues are genetics, environmental issues, age or gender, distribution of fat, emotions, imbalance of calories eaten, or a health condition. The use of diet pills is a popular option to lose weight, but some can have harmful side effects.

There are different types of natural diet pills on the market that claim to have no side effects, they include metabolism boosters, carbohydrate blockers, thermogenic calorie burners, thyroid supplements, appetite suppressants, and fat binders. Metabolism boosters speed up heat production in the body, they are not proven to work in clinical testing. Carb blockers block carbs from being absorbed. Thermogenic calorie burners raise the body's temperature to burn calories. Appetite suppressants reduce caloric intake. Thyroid supplements activate hormone production in the thyroid.

The last one on the list is fat binders, this is what Proactol is. It naturally binds the fat molecules before they are absorbed or digested and it has no side effects. The fat molecules are converted to a gel in the stomach and become too large to be absorbed so the are passed as waste through the stools. They also suppress or decrease ones appetite.

With all natural ingredients, the main fiber Opuntia Ficus-Indica, also reduces cholesterol levels by 10 percent. It regulates blood lipids, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and is clinically proven to maintain and reduce weight loss.

This product binds 27 percent of dietary fats making them unable to be absorbed and they are naturally eliminated. Drink plenty of water when taking this product to reduce increased bile acids and take the recommended dose. There will be a reduction of the digestive process and cravings for carbs and fatty foods will diminish resulting in gradual weight loss, usually 2 to 4 pounds weekly.

While on this diet plan, eat a healthy diet ingesting less daily calories than needed. Do not take more product for greater weight loss. The product should be taken after eating with plenty of water. This is a perfect product for vegans and vegetarians.

As has been noted in this Proactol review, this is a natural product that works immediately and has no side effects. It is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. It does not work as a vasoconstrictor. It binds up to 27 percent of dietary fats, controls absorption of fat, and is an appetite suppressant. Cholesterol levels are reduced and it does not require one to skip meals. It is available online.

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