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General Data On Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

By Cindy Davis

This decade is the decade of everything being environmental friendly. We have everything from green living, green way of living and most recently even green coffee. It has become such a staple part of our diet that we can see it in almost every corner and see people drinking it even on the television and movies. There are people who say that it is good for you, while there are others that say you can do without it. Now there has come the green coffee bean extract for weight loss that is sure to have its own supporters and detractors.

What can be said of it is that it comes from an unripe bean, which is to say it is green, literally. The bean is rich in a substance called chlorogenic acid, which is exciting some researchers who have dealt with it. It is supposed to promote weight loss in the way it prevents glucose release into the bloodstream from the liver, thus making the body work to burn more fat. By doing this metabolism is increased.

Increased metabolic rate and lost of weight is naturally correlated. If you want to increase your fat loss, increase your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate shows how much your body can burn fat even when it is resting. The normal way to increase your metabolic rate is to increase your level of activity and modifying your diet.

The exciting thing about the green coffee bean extract that researchers have found that since it is rich in chlorogenic acid, one just ingests it, and do nothing, and yet metabolism will increase which in turn will lead to weight loss. Clinical trials seem to have corroborated this fact.

Without changing activity levels or modifying diets, the participants in the clinical trials lost about sixteen percent of their body fat and ten percent of their overall weight. In fact they lost on average about 17 pounds in 22 weeks.

Although the acid responsible for this metabolic rate increase is found in the beans, we will not find it in just any cup of java, or our favorite brews in our local watering holes. This is because roast and brew blends no longer contains chlorogenic acid as this has been taken out during the roasting process due to the high heat of somewhere around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

One does not have to worry too much however as they are available in capsule form in the market. They are sold in bottles of 60 capsules each and can be ordered online. The whole package in fact is priced less than a good cup of brewed java at a local shop. And considering that sixty days goes a long way as compared to that one cup, it does not take a genius to figure out the math if one is on a tight budget.

Most will say that green coffee bean extract for weight loss may seem something like a fairy tale. So the only way one can be sure is to really try it and ask others who have also. For most of us who are struggling with our weight and figure, this is too good to just ignore.

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