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Where did Kettlebells Gain Inspiration?

By Rob Sutter

I'm sure that everyone is familiar with the trend that is kettlebells. It's a given that we know how kettlebell exercises can help in the process of weight loss, too. What most people may not understand, though, is that Chinese Shaolin monks several centuries ago utilized similar types of stone weights. Today, we see them in the form of stone locks or padlocks. The Chinese had a great understanding of what we know today, which is a way to help people get in shape.

The stone padlocks look different from the kettlebells of today, which are made from companies such as Lorna. The padlocks resemble extra traditional weights than those used for kettlebell exercises. The handle does not protrude from the weights, but rather is in line with the remnants of the weight. Stone lock training has been a crucial element in martial arts training in China for centuries. Members of the Imperial Army are obliged to be trained in the methods needed to use the stone blocks.

Stone locks' usage truly came into its own when the Ming and Ching dynasties were amongst China. Nowadays, these locks are used by Shaolin monks, since they must condition themselves for martial arts training. The stone moving was composed in ancient Wushu. In addition, it was during this place in time that the first barbells were constructed.

These blocks of stone may appear bulky but masters of the locks in China can make the blocks move however they want them to. The kettlebell snatch, one of the parts of international competition, is practiced in China, along with swings and other maneuvers. Smaller and lighter Chinese locks are even flung into the air to be caught in a range of ways.

Kettlebells are the modernized form of these stone locks, which have been made use of for over fifteen hundred years in China, as part of their martial arts training. The padlocks were used to develop muscle, enhance speed, and provide an intense physical workout. With the growing popularity of kettlebells, it appears that we have finally figured out what the Chinese have comprehend for centuries.

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