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The Right Way to go on a Low Carb Diet

By James Steele

One of the most prevalent diet trends in existence these days is eating "low carb" or "no carb" diets. The Atkins Diet was really the first popular low carb diet, and since that one came out, many others followed. People had mixed results with these diets, and it was common to see people losing weight for a while, but gaining it back as soon as they veered from the diet even slightly. The truth is that carbs are good for you.

Try using cauliflower instead of rice. This is a way to eat more vegetables and fewer calories. You can also cook it a lot faster than rice. In other words, substituting grated cauliflower for rice will save you time and load you up with fewer carbs. The only thing you'll be giving up when you use cauliflower rather than rice is some unwanted carbs. One good thing about rice is that it's cheap and you can buy it in bulk; cauliflower will, it must be noted, cost you more. However, if you're seeking ways to make more low carb dishes, this is one nutritious option.

For recipes calling for wheat flour, try substituting coconut flour. White flour is at the center of the mainstream diet of processed foods, and it's not only fattening but difficult to digest. The lesser known coconut flour, by contrast, is a healthy, low carb alternative. Many foods derived from coconut are extremely healthy. You can drink coconut milk rather than ordinary milk. So try switching to coconut flour and start experimenting with all the foods you can prepare with it. What do you like about cheese? Is giving it up, something that concerns you? On a low carbohydrate diet, cheese is one thing that you are allowed to eat. When you analyze most cheeses, you won't find any carbohydrates in them at all. It is important, however, to double-check if the type of cheese you like the most is truly low in carb or carb free before you start chowing down. The processed cheeses that are popular in the US, for example, usually contain high amounts of fat and oil so make sure that you're not simply giving up the carbs for a more unhealthy alternative.

Some people go on low carb diets and start eating a great deal of meat. Some kinds of meat are much better for you than others, so you should learn how to make this distinction. Eating lots of hamburgers and bacon, for example, isn't the best thing for you. Go directly to a butcher and look for quality meats that are low in fat. Try to find a source of naturally prepared meat in your area and, while this is more costly, it's better to eat less of this kind of meat than larger quantities of unhealthy meats. Don't just eat anything, but do your research first.

These types of pasta are healthier overall, as they have fewer calories and are easier on your stomach. Some pasta is even made from vegetables. You can then continue to eat pasta while knowing that you're eating a healthy, low carb food. Just because you are used to eating carbohydrates, doesn't mean you can't stop eating them. Changing your diet to low carb is actually not that though. Talk to a doctor or a qualified nutritionist when you first start on this road so that you can make sure you get a good and healthy start at a low carb lifestyle.

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