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The Most Effective Weight Loss With Green Coffee Bean Extract

By Cindy Davis

Everyone is seeking for that perfect way to lose those unwanted pounds. Cabbage soup, raspberry keytone tablets, gluten free diets and more and more methods are produced in the news every day. Many claim to have that extra power to induce those pounds to just drop off quickly and easily. The newest trend - green coffee bean extract for weight loss - is still under scrutiny. Wishful thinking and a need for a healthy and natural way to be slim and trim are what many men and women are waiting for and they are hoping this product line is the solution they have been waiting for.

The main ingredient of this hot new item is the unroasted beans harvested from the Arabica plant. They contain chlorogenic acid which restricts the level of glucose released from the liver. The body will be forced to use stored fats, resulting in pounds lost. The beans must remain raw throughout the processing as roasting will take out all of these acids necessary for weight control. Products are advertised that all ingredients are safe and natural with no side effects.

Chlorogenic acid is the ingredient which has been determined to be very effective in fighting fat, even visceral fat, which can be extremely difficult to lose. This acid stops the liver from producing glucose which forces the body to work harder to get rid of the stored fats. Supposedly this product has no side effects and results can be seen within just a few weeks.

Most dosages require taking two 800 milligram tablets per day. For those who find taking tablets distasteful, the product is also available in a powder or fast-acting liquid. Some coffee shops even offer energy-type drinks which include green coffee bean extract as one of the ingredients.

Interested consumers should always consult with a doctor before undertaking this or any other diet regime. Check to make sure the type you purchase is from an FDA-approved facility and compare your selections to ensure that there are no artificial ingredients or additives in the brand you choose. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid the consumption of this item and any other diet product.

Even though advertising states that you do not have to change your eating or exercise habits, for long-term health it is always important to watch what you eat and remain active. Exercise is always critical to maintain a healthy weight and slim, trim body. There is no substitute for fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Several studies have been conducted which has shown that the extract does have some impact on existing body fat. However, keep in mind that no long-term studies have been conducted yet so it is important to remain up-to-date on all scientific findings. If you decide to use the product, follow the directions and be vigilant in documenting your progress.

Whether or not to take green coffee bean extract for weight loss is up to the individual but should be researched and studied and tests should be reviewed thoroughly. Keep abreast of new information, benefits and even side effects of this product for your own health and well being. Maintain records of actual pounds dropped for your own information and peace of mind.

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