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The Facts On Grenade 50 Calibre

By Russ Howe

It is easy to get totally lost in the world of pre-workout supplements, with new 'next big thing' products hitting the market every single day. Today we delve deep into the credential of Grenade 50 Calibre and determine whether or not it is able to live up to the hype surrounding it.

Despite the fact that all products claim to be better than anything else ever invented, once you get stuck into the finer details you'll realize that a lot of the claims made are pure marketing hype.

Even though each new product likes to tell consumers it's the greatest workout supplement ever created, the truth is you'll see a ton of preworkout supplements which contain almost the exact same ingredients.

So how does this supplement compare to the rest? Are there side effects to take into consideration? Read on to find out.

50 Cal is a good product in comparison to the other major brands in it's category overall. It's main objective is, like most other products of this type, to get you pumped up before a gym session. Due to the massive serving of caffeine in each drink you will certainly feel an extra kick of energy. In fact, starting with half servings is a safer idea to assess your tolerance.

Despite being designed for muscle building workouts, there are also several fat burning ingredients at play here behind the scenes. Green Tea Extract and Bitter Orange Peel, for example, may sound familiar already as they featured heavily in this company's last product, known as Thermo Detonator.

As for side effects, there are two primary ones to watch out for. An uneasy stomach can occur with most strong pre workout products and it also occurs here from time to time. The most common side effect, however, is headaches. This is due to the massive amount of caffeine in each serving. Be sure to drop to half servings if this keeps occurring, and also try to cut out any other caffeine products from your diet.

One area we'd like to point out here is the tub specifically states you receive 50 servings in your sack, yet they are actually referring to the 'half servings' we mentioned above, i.e. half a scoop not a full one. Why they haven't made this clear is beyond us, but bear in mind as you purchase this supplement it should last for around one month which is standard for this type of product.

Every ingredient featured in Grenade .50 Calibre is driven by research and it does get the job done, that is for sure. Whether it can be deemed 'better' than any other major brand is really where supplements turn into a game of taste and personal opinion, for the facts we covered above. If you are looking to give this a try it does have our stamp of approval.

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