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Strategizing In A New Year Through Kettlebell Exercises

By Greg Diener

When the ball drops adding on another new year with confetti and celebrations it is time to ponder you New Year's Resolutions. You always go through the same thing trying to plan to lose weight, but chance are you will usually just forget about it around February. Now, what you have to consider is, perhaps wanting to get rid of some terrible habits in order to drop some pounds. The first part of that plan is with kettlebell exercises. Now you are probably saying to yourself "just what are these things you're talking about?"

Unlike more classic weightlifting that utilizes dumbbells and barbells, kettle bells are rounded with a handle that allow for a more diversified center of gravity depending on how it is used. The kettlebell workout is a different strength training routine. Let's be honest, regular weightlifting is tedious and weights. The unique technique allows for not only enlarged strength and weight loss, but also increasing strength, coordination, flexibility and range of motion.

People often underestimate the importance of a good strength training regimen when they want to shed weight, especially women. We've all heard that muscle weighs more than fat and often misconstrue that to the point where only focus on cardio. Strength training can increase your resting metabolism, this means you keep burning calories after your workout. It can also boost your energy levels and protect bone health and muscle mass.

You might be asking: how could new kettlebell exercises if nothing has before? I've learned that commonly trying new things keeps me interested. Routine breeds familiarity and, as we all know, familiarity breeds contempt. After endless hours on the treadmill without the results you want to see - you could simply give up on the idea of a better, healthier you all together. It's easy to lose traction when you're doing the same thing every day with no change to your schedule at all. A unique and varied approach could be just what you need.

If you're ill of hitting the treadmill and you're beginning to feel like a hamster on a wheel, try a new approach to working out. If you discover kettlebells aren't for you, sign up for a new dance class, or take a walk in the park. Remember that just a bit of activity every day is a good start to kicking off your new life style for the New Year.

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