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Managing HCG Side Effects For A Better Lifestyle

By Dr. Amy McMillan

Losing weight through any method has its own side effects, which is true even with Dr. Simeons' HCG diet. The possibility of most people adopting this protocol feeling HCG side effects is very high. However, there are certain ways that can be used to reduce these symptoms and the feeling of discomfort.

A common symptom among users is feeling constipated, which results in the person not having a bowel movement for three days. When you want to lose one pound per day, you need to have a bowel movement daily to flush out the excess weight. Drinking herbal tea and plenty of water along with consuming one spoon of psyllium with it is recommended.

Several people feel weak and are easily fatigued while adopting this regimen. Regular exercise becomes difficult and the momentum of the workout also reduces significantly. Users are advised to intake supplements and multivitamins to reduce their fatigue.

Many people complain of not being able to lose the desired weight even when they follow all the prescribed diet norms. The reason for this is that when you follow this plan, the water retention in the body increases that result in the scale showing no weight loss. However, after tissue break down commences, water retained in the system is flushed out and you will lose plenty of pounds.

Most people suffer from protein deficiency by the time they near the end of the protocol. The main reason for this is when you follow the diet plan; the system receives proteins from the fatty tissues. However, as you near the end of the program, this procedure halts and additional water is retained by the body leading to weight gain.

To prevent protein deficiency, consumption of adequate proteins to ensure lower water retention and weight gain is recommended. You must eat eggs for breakfast and steak during lunch and dinner along with a big helping of cheese to procure the proteins. When this norm is adopted, most users witness a loss of approximately two pounds as during the night, they flush out most of the water retained.

The significant loss of extra pounds using this protocol is a well accepted fact. A few latest studies provide positive HCG side effects, which include gout reversal, normal blood pressure and sugar levels, lesser cholesterol, testosterone rebalance, and improvement in rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, aging lines reduction and rejuvenation of damaged blood vessels are other positive benefits of this protocol.

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