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How Would Kettlebell Exercises Benefit a Jedi?

By Rob Sutter

For a Padawan learner just starting his Jedi training, one of the most crucial lessons is to not mistreat the great power that he has at his disposal. Being a Guardian of the Republic is a sacred duty, and a Force wielder should never succumb to inane trivialities. On the other hand, a Jedi can never fail to remember what his mission is - to help others. With this in mind, why would a Jedi use kettlebell exercises or use dumbbells and weights when he had the Force? What are kettlebell exercises in comparison to Jedi training?

-The response, to put it plainly, is discipline. Patience and calmness are two of the most vital aspects of Jedi and they can't let emotion get the better of them. Lorna, amongst other authorities, will accentuate the factor of patience with this workout. Jedi must have the wherewithal to examine a situation with the most preciseness and a heightened sense of control is imperative as well. This might seem like a most daunting task but the truth is that great power does call for great responsibility. Jedi training not only calls for good strength but a sound mind as well; this is why kettlebell exercises are ideal for this lifestyle.

Young Padawans question why they need to be concerned with the physical shells when they have the power of the Force on their side. This answer is plain as well. A Jedi is a key point for the Force. If a Jedi uses too much of his Force strength on his own physical shell, then he is not going to be sufficiently prepared for whatever challenges he may face.

For those who know well about Star Wars lore, it's strange for people to pass an ordinance revolving around physical training. However, it's important that every Jedi keeps him or herself in top physical condition. Those who have proven themselves as teachers and healers even must adhere to this rule. When it comes to the Jedi lifestyle, knowing one's body must call for knowing oneself. It separates normal people from Jedi and Jedi from the Masters they may become.

Even in galaxies far far away, physical strength is a crucial part of life. Even for those people who can feel the pulse of the universe must keep themselves in the prime physical shape. The need to be strong is more than required. Waging battles against an opponent can be depleting both physically and mentally. When one's body is in a state of supremacy, it makes the mind's journey to the same place that much easier.

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