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Good Reasons For Losing That Unsightly Belly Fat

By Dr. Dennis Clark

If you do not like what you see in the mirror, you may wish to do something about that excess belly fat. Obesity is becoming a huge problem and many people may not realize that it can have repercussions, besides poor health. In fact, there are many reasons to have a trimmer waistline these days, and here are just a few.

The average person continues to grow in size. Yet if you shop at your local department store, you may notice that most selections are for slim people. In fact, you may find almost nothing to buy when you shop at some stores. This is assuming that you are larger than a "medium" or "large".

With fewer selections of fashionable larger clothing, you may have to shop at a large size retailer. This can be an embarrassment to many people. It is especially true for women, as there is a double standard when it comes to obesity. People that think nothing of an overweight man, may be offensive and even insulting to a woman of the same stature.

There are a lot of reasons for a woman to try to look her best. If she is trying to attract the right male for a serious relationship, it is in her best interest to look as good as possible. Losing as little as ten pounds (or . 7 stone) can make one feel better and look better. When you look better, you may decide to visit the beach or other public areas, where you can meet others.

If you have too much belly fat, it can make it difficult to drive your car. Most cars are a lot smaller than a few years ago. It can be very hard for larger people to get behind the steering wheels of small cars.

A large person may find it very uncomfortable in a small car. This means you may have to opt for a larger vehicle that costs more and does not get great fuel economy. New cars are expensive enough without having to buy more vehicle than you want to.

There are many reasons to lose some weight and that unsightly belly fat. You will be healthier and feel better about yourself. It will be easier and less expensive to buy clothing. A slimmer looking you may venture out into public places more often and meet new friends and companions. You will fit better into a small economy type car, and this can save a lot of money on gasoline.

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