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Economical Weight Loss: Kettlebell Exercises

By Michele Moncrieffe

Many people don't consider kettlebell weight training when they think about effective workouts, but the results prove that weight training with kettlebells yields physical results. This type of workout increases cardio and has resulted in weight loss as well as tightening and strengthening of various body parts. Despite the effects of kettlebell exercises the weights aren't used as much as dumbbells and free weights.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of kettlebell workouts is the shortage of gym costs. While many people invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to become a gym member, the use of two kettlebells alone helps make the body stronger. The strength of the workouts is great when one keeps in mind how the weights are shaped. Kettlebells are shaped like kettles, hence the name, with a weight attached to a curved handle not unlike the item one would use to serve tea. The question of, "what are kettlebells," can simply be responded at that.

When Guy Bedard, a marathon runner, injured his knee he had to sit out a few marathons. Over the course of his recovery he managed to put on fifty pounds. When it was time to get back in shape, Bedard turned to a kettlebell weight training program. In the span of eight weeks, he lost 21 pounds because kettlebell exercises are so effective. The dynamic results yielded from training with kettlebell weights makes these workouts even more alluring.

The use of kettlebell training is also interesting when one takes into account just how little space one desires to make it work. During kettlebell exercises, one can execute squats, pushups, swings, and walking lunges each in twenty reps. However be sure to contact a professional before starting a kettlebell regime. Use of a giant room isn't required since any form of training can be performed in close quarters. Therefore, the minor eager to shed extra pounds.

There are many benefits of employing kettlebell training as your method of weight loss and toning. And while it does have a fanbase, it is nowhere near as mainstream an exercise as it could be. Why more people aren't flocking to begin kettlebell weight training will be a mystery for the ages. The workout is dynamic and bears great results after mere weeks of employment. The fact that kettlebells are more than worth the small cost when compared to gym memberships and exercise machines is a great reason to begin kettlebell training.

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