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Do You Think Menopause Can Be Predicted?

By Liana Badea

Menopause is the cessation of menstruation. In other words, it is the end of fertility for women. It sets in when the number of eggs reaches the lowest count.

A woman's body has several hundreds of thousands of eggs at birth. The number of eggs gets lower and lower while she ages, so that at menopause she is left with only about 1000.

Every woman will experience menopause differently, because every woman is unique and different. The age menopause start could be 45 for some women, 50 or 55 for others. The menopause symptoms could be severe and almost unbearable for some, or easy and almost unnoticeable for others.

If you knew natural menopause was likely to happen to you in four to five years, would you make a life decision based on this?

Lots of researches have been made on fertility. New tests have been developed to determine menopausal age. One of these test is to measure the volume of ovaries.

As a woman ages, the ovaries shrink, so there is a direct rapport between the size of ovaries and the number of eggs. Applying mathematical theorems, the scientists produced a formula to potentially predict menopause.

This test could be the beginning of a new stage for women who can not conceive, for women treated for different cancers, actually for all women.

From a different point of view, if you look at the assisted reproductive technology, the overall success of a woman over 40 to get pregnant is very low.

My conclusion is obvious. No woman should wait too long to plan babies, no matter how advanced the assisted reproductive technology is.

I am wondering if women should go for a test like this. Should a 30 year old woman believe in this test? Should she make career decisions based on it? Can menopause really be predicted?

All these questions get a totally negative answer. No, you can not tell someone to change their life based on a simple prediction.

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