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Discover How Going To College Can Make You Healthier

By Joseph D. Cooper

I got to spend a few days at a college campus a few months back. I was able to watch the habits of the students while I was there. From watching them I came to the conclusion that a college campus is the ideal place to lose weight. If you are embarking on a weight loss plan then you might be interested in the following reasons whey returning to college might just be something you should consider.

The Daily Walk to Class

Most of college students walk to their classes. Some college campuses can spread over many acres and so walking to class ensures that you get the right cardiovascular exercise that we all need.

Book Lifting

If you are familiar with the textbook for any philosophy course you know that it can weigh around 12 pounds. Assuming you take five classes you are looking at around 60 pounds of books that need to be carried each and every day. What good is gym when carrying all those books around gives you a total body workout anyway?

Small Desks

Even the classrooms are a way of helping you to lose those extra pounds. Those chairs and desks are designed for 18-year olds and not for someone in their mid-forties who is returning to school. What this basically means is that in order for you to have a degree of comfort in the lecture halls you will have to slim down simply to fit into the chairs! How's that for great motivation?

The Scenery

Walking to and from classes is made much more pleasant by the beautiful scenery that I saw at these campuses I was at. I was even reminded of strolls that I've enjoyed in favorite parks. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature has a great effect on relieving stress.

Although this may all seem amusing it is still important to note that regular physical activity, along with the proper weight training is essential when coupled with the right motivation if you want to see yourself lose weight.

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