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Checking Out Some Healthy Benefits Of The HCG Diet

By Dr. Mary Butler

Dieting can be frustrating and challenging to say the least. You may know full well about this kind of frustration and hard times that go along with it. Imagine being able to lose three pounds a day. You can do so when you learn more about the hCG diet. Evidence has proved this hormone can change how fast you can lose weight.

The human placenta during pregnancy expels a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, hCG. This hormone exhibits control over a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Injections of this hormone have proved to change the rate of metabolism, thus allowing to lose weight at a much faster rate than you would without it.

Dieters should know hormone version used for weight loss is not the same as the one used in fertility treatments. Many people are also under the misconception that this hormone is taken from the urine of animals or women. This is not true. The fact is this form of hCG is made in a sterile environment using sterile cells.

When you receive injections of hCG, your doctor will outline a food plan for you as well. Studies have shown that you can experience more effective results when you eat more raw vegetable and add fiber to your meals. Fiber sources like lettuce and other leafy greens are common additions.

Your doctor will most likely recommend drinking plenty of water when you trying to shed extra weight. The same is true for those people that plan to use this plan. However, you should know that drinking a lot of water helps to flush toxins from body that are good at slowing down fat loss, no matter what diet plan you are following.

Before you take injections of hCG, your physician will ask you to submit to pretreatment diagnostic tests. These tests usually include blood work and are used to determine the presence of underlying medical issues that could clash with the injection of this hormone. Making sure your body is able to use the hormone is important.

Learning more about how the hCG diet could help you lose weight is important. Being overweight can cause you to experience serious problems like diabetes and heart disease. Knowing you can lose fat fast can also be helpful to you sticking to the food plan outlined for you during your treatment. Talk to your doctor about how you can get started losing weight using these hormone injections.

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