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Ab Workout Program: Many Great Options On Great Ab Workouts

By Rena Johnson

Obtaining great abs is one thing that everybody wants to achieve especially when summer months arrives. This does not have to be impossible or require a lot of time. The great abs workout might be gotten using three basic exercises. The best exercise in having an excellent abs workout is the vertical leg crunch. This easy exercise supports in the formation of the six-pack of while shaping the oblique muscles to rid you of those love handles. It's fairly easy to perform this exercise.

To perform the vertical leg crunch simply down on your back and extend your legs upward with all the knees crossed. The blades of the shoulders are lifted off the floor while you tighten the abs muscles. When you have gone as far as you can attempt to look at bellybutton to the spine as the feet stay in the air. Now return the shoulders to the floor and relax, repeat for 10-15 reps frequently to determine results.

Another great exercise in an abs workout is the bicycle which fits not only to build the abdominal muscles but to tone the oblique muscles as well. It is fairly easy to do since you're just simulating a bicycle ride. You only need to lie down and put your fingers together behind your head to begin. The knees are brought into the chest and also the blades of the shoulders lifted off the ground while relaxing the neck muscles.

When you are in position, straighten the left leg and turn to the right using the upper body. The left elbow will come in to the right knee; now alternate. Continue this action until there is 10 to 15 repetitions completed.

The next exercise in an abs workouts are the full vertical crunch. This exercise will work out of the lower and upper body. The abdominal region is toned evenly so there isn't any need to worry about obtaining a bulge from working just one area and isolating the muscles excessively.

This particular exercise is easy just lie on the back with all the legs in the air and put your hands beneath the head. Lift the blades of your shoulders off the floor by contracting the abdominal muscles whilst you push the heels of the feet toward the ceiling to create the shape of a "U" with all the body. These three abdominal training methods produce a great abs workout when combined and performed properly.

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