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3 Tips to Getting Rid of Your Baby Fat

By Dorthy Weatherbush

It is your first day as a new mom and you could not be happier. All the labor pains now seem worthwhile as you cuddle your little angel. Then one day as you visit the restroom, your hospital gown opens slightly and you witness the horror that is the baby fat belly. Somehow you assumed that you would have your old figure back almost instantly but you soon discovered that for most women, this isn't true.

The reality is that it takes effort and time to return to your normal weight. Experts have proven that it can take about a month and a half and even that is predicated on exactly how much weight you gained during the pregnancy.

The best reaction is a calm reaction. Take pride in knowing that many women are able to get rid of their excess baby weight within a very reasonable period of time. Now there are a few women that experience lightening fast results.

They make other women either green with envy or close to tears. Instead of letting it bother you though, be proactive. Some women's genes are just like that, lucky them. By becoming proactive, you can use your energy that you would use being upset about it and put it to better use.

Never forget that your first priority is to nourish and care for your little angle. Dieting too soon after giving birth can do harm to both you and the baby. Watch what you eat and maintain a healthy diet.

Breastfeeding happens to be a great way to speed up the process of ridding yourself of excess baby fat. Breastfeeding burns approximately 500 calories a day. Now that is major calorie burning, not to mention how good it is for you little baby!

Now is also the time not to slack on your water consumption. Drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. Not only is water great for hydrating your body, but it flushes out the impurities.

Once you feel up to it, you may want to begin some mild exercise routines. There is no need to go overboard at all but you should have a mild sweat when finished. Something as simple as stretching can go a long way to helping you drop the excess weight.

The key is to start slowly and work yourself up to a full routine. Remember to take it easy. There should be nothing you see on television that you are trying. Many of those routines are far too strenuous. Your body will let you know what it can handle.

Keep in mind that this is not an overnight process. It took about 9 months to add the weight to your body so you should not expect to regain your pre baby body in 3 weeks. Give yourself a break and begin the difficult work now of regaining your figure. It is well worth the effort.

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