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Where to Find Real Weight Loss Secrets

By Lynn Cain

1. Ask your Friends and Family - You probably know someone who has either lost a significant bit of weight or who has always maintained a lean, healthy body. Ask these people for their weight loss secrets and see if you think they would work for you, too. Maybe they tried other methods first and failed, so they may be able to share advice on things to avoid as well. These people can be an invaluable source of information for you in your quest to lose weight!

2. Consult Your Doctor - If you aren't sure where to start on your quest to lose weight, you should consult with your physician. He or she can discuss any issues that might occur because of existing health problems and they can give you advice on the potentially dangerous fad diets that are often popular with people looking to lose weight fast. You can put together a custom weight loss plan with your doctor that will help you reach your goal and stay healthy.

3. Visit Weight Loss Websites - Many weight loss secrets can be found on websites that are dedicated to weight loss. These websites can include sites for professional organizations like Weight Watchers, which offers dieting advice, exercise tips, and support. Other websites may include blogs and comments from a large number of people that can provide secrets and effective techniques that will cause or speed up weight loss for many people.

4. Online Forums - The internet can also be a great place to connect with others and see what is working for them. Everyone is looking for weight loss secrets on the internet. Join forums and talk to others to find out which plans to check out and which to avoid. You can see before and after pictures, chat about the latest fad diets, and find out the tried and true methods for losing the weight and keeping it off.

5. Join a Program - You'll find that most of the weight loss secrets you come across online are promoting one specific program like Weight Watchers or the Atkins Diet. It's important for you to do your research and see how these programs are working for others before you sign up. If the diet is particularly restrictive, think about whether you will be able to give up the restricted foods for that particular diet. The harder the foods will be for you to live without, the less chance you have of sticking with it.

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