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What To Know Regarding Color Run Races And How To Have A Part In Them?

By Else H. Hackett

Color run races are unique events that inspire people from all across the United States, and parts of Canada to travel to participate in. As the name suggests, these events add color and fun to people's lives as no other race can. To know how they do that, it is necessary to know how they work, who can run in them, and other related details.

Although participants start out the race in totally white clothes, they don't stay that way long. These clothes will quickly be covered in blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink as they barrage each other with balls of non-toxic colored corn-starch during the race. At the finish line, runners get another blast of color that is sure to take care of any trace of white that might remain in their clothing.

These races take runners through historical and cultural streets in the cities where they are held, and help local charities in each location. This lets the runners help a worthy cause while they improve their health and have a valid reason to run down the streets throwing paint and having fun.

Regardless of their age, weight, or whether they will walk or run, anyone can have a part in a color run. The registration process is simple and only requires that racers choose a city on the race website, join or create a team, enter the required information in the form, and to pay the registration fee. While registering, participants can also donate to a local area charity.

If a person wants to have a part in the race, but not run in it, another option available to them is being a member of the color bomb squad. Volunteers with the bomb squad throw the color bombs on runners, often friends and family, rather than being bombed, which is another advantage this position has.

The color run usually starts around nine in the morning, and blasts from the color squad quickly ensue with another bombing every five minutes until the runners reach the 5k run finish line. Once they get there, race contestants begin to have a free for all throwing handfuls of multi-colored dye at each other until their hearts are content. Food, music, drinks, and sponsors are generally located in safe zones out of throwing range.

So, if you are looking for a health conscious and fun way to spend a day, and help a local charity, register for a color run. It will be something that you, your family, and friends will treasure for years to come!

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