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What is Green Coffee Bean Extract and How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

By Candace Mohring

This extract is a weight loss supplement that many health experts are now recommending.

Although it comes from coffee beans, it's not the same as drinking your usual cup of java, as this supplement is made from raw coffee beans rather than roasted ones. Green coffee beans thus have nutritional properties that have been found to help in weight loss. Let's take a look at how you can lose weight with the help of this extract.

For those using the extract for weight loss, it's important that you know exactly what the right dosage is for you to take. Not all diet supplements have the same amount or dosage of green coffee bean extract. The majority of the studies done on green coffee bean extract had subjects taking two 500 mg capsules two times a day. That's a daily dosage of 2,000 mg. In most cases, starting off on a lower dosage of any supplement is recommended.

Although green coffee bean extract seems to be a safe weight loss supplement with no severe side effects, you should still use some caution when using it. The caffeine content is the primary concern for a number of people.

This coffee bean extract tends to have lower caffeine content than a cup of coffee, it's still enough to cause issues in people who have caffeine sensitivity. And if you're trying to limit your caffeine intake, you'll need to keep an eye out on how much extract you take via supplements. There are supplements that do offer the decaffeinated variety so you don't have to completely miss out on the weight loss benefits that this extract offers. On the other hand, most studies on the coffee bean extract were done with the caffeinated variety, so it's not certain that the decaffeinated kind is equally effective.

Even though green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight, that doesn't mean you should forget about eating a healthy diet and exercising. Taking it daily can give your metabolism a boost. What this means is that you'll have a lot of energy for physical activities aside from losing weight faster. It is also a natural appetite suppressant. That said, you still should keep an eye out on your daily habits, as this is the only way you'll truly experience the weight loss benefits of this coffee bean extract.

One of the diet supplements that show great promise today is the green coffee bean extract. Not only is it safe, it's a substance that comes from the coffee plant, a plant that people are familiar with. Most people know about coffee beans and what they are, but only a few people today are aware of the fact that consuming them raw has many benefits, including weight loss. If you are interested in trying green coffee bean extract, make sure you choose a reputable brand.

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