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The Key To Losing Weight Fast And Keeping It Off

By Russ Howe Pti

People ask me every day for tips on how to lose weight fast so today our article is going to focus on three simple yet effective tips which are guaranteed to get you results both in and out of the gym.

We see too many people sucked into flavor of the month celebrity diets every month, struggling along with a diet which resembles a self-punishment regime and getting no results.

Once you begin implementing the five proven points shared today you will begin seeing results no matter what your gym experience or nutritional knowledge. Are you ready? Then let's begin.

Fact Number One: It's Important To Utilize A Calorie Deficit.

If you don't know what this is don't worry, we will explain it for you right here. Keep a diary of everything you eat for the next few days and once you have worked out roughly how many calories you consume per day make a conscious effort to lower that figure each day. It's as simple as that.

If you want steady fat loss the key is to lower your daily calorie total steadily, too. Don't suddenly half your calories or your body will enter starvation mode and will hang onto as much fat as it can. You have probably seen that happen to a friend on a celebrity quick fix diet.

Once you have worked out your current daily total and have set a target daily total, if there is a big difference try to drop your target by around 10% each week until you reach your goal. This steady decline will be far more advantageous than a sudden big jump.

Fact Number Two: When Carbohydrates Come Down, Protein Goes Up.

These days it is a popular choice to cut down carbohydrates when trying to lose weight but there is one thing you must do otherwise it defeats the whole objective. Eat more protein. If you chop your carbohydrate intake down your body loses it's primary energy source during exercise. It's left with a choice between using fat or muscle for fuel and 90% of the time it's choosing the muscle and you're losing weight but not fat. Increase your protein intake whenever you cut down carbohydrates.

Step Three: Snack On Protein.

Snacking is the biggest temptation when trying to lose weight and the solution is to use protein rich foods. Not only is this better for your body than sugary, fatty food but it is also proven to have a massively reduced level of fat storage within your body.

The next time you fancy a snack try chicken or tuna. It will keep you feeling full and your results will go through the roof.

Implement these three simple steps into your eating routine right now and you will see improved fat loss results. If you are looking for ways to discover how to lose weight fast you just found three of the most proven rules out there.

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