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The Five Steps To Lasting Weight Loss

By Russ Howe Pti

As a fitness instructor I know that there is one area where most gym users are completely confused. That area, of course, is how to lose weight. Make no mistake about it, whether you are aiming for lasting fat loss or even trying to figure out how to build muscle you will come across a few simple rules which are proven to work.

The following steps are proven and very, very effective not only when it comes to removing unwanted body fat but also when it comes to keeping it off in future.

So, are you ready to begin?

There is so much nonsense out there when it comes to dieting and fat loss that people often overlook the basics which are proven to work.

1) Understand Your Calories

2) Dropping Calories And Carbs Requires Increased Protein

3) If You Want A Snack, Shoot For Protein

4) The Tubs Of Success

5) Take A Break Every Sunday

While some of the rules above probably make perfect sense right away, I'm sure there are a few in there which may cause confusion so now we'll go through each one and explain how to implement them. The top rules focuses on your calorie intake. Be sure that if you want to lose fat or drop body weight you will need to establish your current daily calorie intake and begin operating on less calories per day.

If you've known anyone do the Atkins diet or any other quick fix course you'll know what we mean by rule number two. When we cut down carbohydrates we often forget that if you don't simultaneously increase your protein intake your body will burn muscle instead of fat each time you exercise or each time it simply needs fuel.

The third and fourth steps look at snacking. Snacking is an easy way to fall off the rails and most of us don't realize we're doing it as often as we are. These rules will help you to control your eating habits while the focus is off meals, i.e. when you're hard at work.

Protein has the least impact on fat storage, so if you want a snack it makes sense to shoot for a piece of chicken, tuna or even a protein sports supplement. Take a few small snack tubs alongside your packed lunch and stock them with some protein rich choices for you throughout the day. Never again will you see your reflection in the vending machine glass. You'll also store considerably less body fat by snacking with protein instead of carbohydrates or fats, so these two rules yield great returns particularly for those who work in offices.

On to the last rule, which is probably the most misunderstood. There is a common tendency for people who are dieting to feel the need to punish themselves by cutting out all of their favorite foods. Where does this lead them? Failure. They fall off the rails two months in and pile the weight straight back on. Take a designated day off each week and you'll avoid this pitfall.

As you'll notice when you see our future posts, if you are one of the gym users trying to work out how to build muscle you can use these proven tips and just shuffle a few of the details around to get results there. Today's post, of course, is designed with those trying to work out how to lose weight in mind and gives you a very strong position to start from in your journey to a new, better lifestyle.

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