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Kettlebells and The Impact They Have in The Movies

By Greg Diener

The impact from the exercise craze of the 80's resulted in positive word of mouth about kettlebell training. When you think of the decade of the 80's you usually think of the movie stars that made an impact for the exercise. Some of the biggest names in action had an effect on weightlifting using different exercises particularly with kettlebells. But kettlebells big impact goes back to before the decade of the 80's, big muscle building exercises become popular when these movie stars made them popular. Kettlebell exercises have made many people determined to live a bigger lifestyle.

Kettlebells have made an impact in the east too with Asian movie stars. The huge size of the 80's gladiators was not positive to the stars of the martial arts scene. Size was important to a degree but speed and endurance was priority. The result to maintaining the speed and build of a miniature frame would bring overly defined muscle. Guys like Jackie Chan and Jet Li were ripped from head to toe demonstrating the uniqueness of kettlebells. A kettlebell workout alone did not do this for these gigantic Asian movie stars. The perseverance and the resolve to the martial arts were necessary to their form but somewhere in their routine a kettlebell workout was incorporated.

The impact that kettlebells caused would continue to cause an effect over the years. Action star and frequent source of Internet memes, Chuck Norris advertised the Total Gym in commercials while Ryan Reynolds would show off his physique in the recent Green Lantern movie. Kettlebells would be incorporated by today's popular athletes and stars of the silver screen, introducing the workout to a new generation. Of course at the beginning of every year there's an increase in kettlebell sales, by people who want to make the most out of their new year's resolutions.

The gym subscription will never die but the body of gods will always be essential. While movies like 300 and shows like Spartacus show audiences that they can mold their plump bodies into pieces of art, more and more people are buying kettlebells. The kettlebell workout is dynamite and the audiences evidence is in the pudding. The stars of Hollywood are becoming slimmer and more evolved as time moves forward. The bodies of movie stars are carved from marble and glimmer like gold.

I practice in my basement with a set of kettlebells and a perfect kettlebell workout to initiate instantaneous results. I want to look like the Spartan soldiers that walk across my television screen. Performing my kettlebell workout for the third time this week I know that my future is laid with the sweat of my struggle. I will look like a god from doing this kettlebell workout. Kettlebells are the keys to greatness.

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