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HCG Diet Drops Reviews And In-depth Studies

By Jessica Kreuk

The initials HCG stand for the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This substance is highly elevated in the bodies of pregnant women. It exclusively controls virtually every function of an expectant mother's metabolism. However, when non-pregnant women take the hormone, or when it is taken by men, their metabolisms are manipulated in a similar manner. This makes fast and effective weight loss possible, as many people have discovered by reading HCG diet drops reviews.

For this reason, the HCG weight loss plan is highly popular with many individuals who previously found it difficult to shed stubborn pounds. When the hormone is consumed, one can restrict his or her caloric intake substantially without experiencing the side effects normally associated with low calorie diets. The plan is typically followed for ten to thirty days and one can shed up to three pounds a day when following the program correctly.

As one might suspect, there is a certain number of side effects and risks associated with the use of HCG or any other dietary supplement or hormone-based remedy. The method of administration, however, has a considerable influence on the number of side effects one will experience when following the HCG program. Sublingual drops or injections are the two administration methods that are used to deliver the daily dose of the supplement to each dieter.

Prior to the invention of the aforementioned drops, injections were the only method available through which one could adequately absorb supplement. Although some consumers still opt for this method, it is important for them to understand the possible side effects associated with such injections. The latter may include stomachache, mood swings, fatigue, headaches, rashes and leg cramps.

The less complex, newer delivery method is for one to ingest the hormone sublingually. This option is both pain-free and reasonably priced. The HCG hormone is placed under the individual's tongue twice each day, thereby eliminating the need to use a needle. The dieter's mucous membranes effectively absorb the hormone and it is then distributed to his or her bloodstream in a quick and efficient manner.

Through basic principles of pharmacology, the hormone supplement is distilled multiple times before it is ready for consumption. This process results in a better quality supplement than that seen with the injectable form. In addition, most individuals consider it much more convenient than the latter option.

Most dieters who opt for the sublingual method had few side effects. Furthermore, studies have uncovered that numerous dieters who switched from injections to the sublingual method experienced a higher level of energy and less hunger pains. This is why the vast majority of consumers prefer the sublingual option.

Such drops are mixed in advance and ready for immediate use. However, one should take steps to ensure that he or she is purchasing such products from a reputable merchant. Some establishments simply sell the hormone itself and offer little support or instructions, while other vendors sell complete programs and provide customer service to their patrons. Whether shopping via the Internet or at a traditional store, it is wise for one to read HCG diet drops reviews about the various plans available before making a final decision.

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