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Discover Why Casabe Is So Good For You

By Allan Hatchell

Casabe is a delightfully crispy flatbread. Made from the roots of the cassava plant, it originated in the Caribbean. Here it was made by the indigenous people long before the Europeans arrived. This traditional fare is set to find its way on to more plates as people around the globe discover its health benefits.

The refining process effectively removes most of the starch from the root. All that remains is wholesome fiber and nourishing complex carbohydrates. Nothing is added to the bread. It is devoid of sugar, salt, fat and gluten. Though it has wonderful keeping qualities, it is free also from preservatives. As a high fiber snack, it can help to maintain healthy digestion.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to follow restrictive diets. Cassava bread can be a useful substitute for many of the foods that are commonly forbidden by weight-loss programs. Those with wheat allergies or an intolerance will also find that it fills some the gaps in their diet. Dieters seeking appropriate HCG snacks will also be pleased to learn of the very low calorie content of the bread.

The versatility of this flatbread means it can be enjoyed in all sorts of situations. It can be purchased either as small bite-sized crackers or as large rounds. The latter is usually packaged divided into quarters. They are perfect for buffet snacks, as an accompaniment to a main meal or simply eaten on the go.

In order not to compromise the health benefits, the bread should only be paired with other healthy food stuffs. Fortunately, there is no shortage of appealing recipes for nutritious spreads and dips. Judicious use of garlic, freshly squeezed lemons and limes, generous handfuls of herbs and spices can transform snacks into a gourmet experience.

Seasonal, organic vegetables are the mainstay of a nutritious dip. They can be roasted before pureeing to intensify the flavors. Beans and pulses can increase the protein content without adding unnecessary fat. Alternatively, the bread can be served as a dipper to accompany a vibrant salsa of diced tomatoes.

For those who yearn for something a little more comforting, the bread can be dipped into a steaming bowl of nutrient-packed soup. They are also handy for scraping up the last tasty morsels of a wholesome stew. They can even be topped with vegetables and baked in the oven.

Casabe is a useful addition to any healthy diet. It is convenient for those who do not always have time for cooking. It simplifies the task of preparing nutritious meals and is delicious into the bargain. Those wishing to improve their general health may wish to stock some of this wholesome flatbread in their kitchen cupboards.

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