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All About Stevia And How It Aids Health, Weight Loss & Diabetes

By George Napoli

There is a plant that grows in South America named Stevia that is sought after for its leaves. These leaves are full of minerals and vitamins that help the body perform daily functions. The leaves possess a natural sweetness and are being used to replace sugar. It has about three hundred times the sweetness of sugar so only small amounts are needed to sweeten beverages and food. It may be worthwhile to seek out information all about Stevia and healthy living.

People that want to lose weight can use this product without guilt. It is not metabolized by the body so there are no calories to worry about. It also lessens the cravings for fatty foods and sugary snacks. It may be used as a dietary supplement and natural sweetener to aid weight loss programs.

Lab research was done on a concentrated liquid made with water and the leaves of this plant. It showed that a few drops per day helped stabilize blood sugar and maintained it at normal levels. Higher levels of energy and mental alertness were also experienced. This is encouraging news for people that suffer from diabetes and hypoglycemia.

The research also points toward a lowering of high blood pressure with no ill affects to normal blood pressure. There is evidence of slowing the growth of the bacteria that leads to gum disease and decaying teeth when used as a daily mouth wash and added to toothpaste.

Daily use seems to calm stomach upset and improve digestion. The gastrointestinal process works more efficiently and common illness like flu and colds lessen. Some that have used this supplement say it cuts the craving for alcohol and tobacco.

No adverse effects have been reported while using any form of the daily supplement and natural sweetener. It comes in tablets, powder form, and concentrated liquid. It is found in health food stores in the food supplement isle. Learning all about Stevia will help an individual decide for or against using this dietary aid.

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