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5 Diet Foods

By Ralph Johnson

The choice of food that you eat is important if you are on a weight loss regime. In this article, you will discover 5 fantastic diet foods that you can consider to add colour to your diet.

Apples: You may have come across the saying that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Well, this ancient saying is correct. This is because apples contain phyto-nutrients which boost your immune system and help to fight diseases. Besides fighting diseases, an apple contains only 330 kJs and serves as a great afternoon snack with its rich source of dietary fibre. Remember to wash your apples thoroughly to remove any pesticides from the skin before consuming it.

Beans: They are not only rich in protein and fibre, it offer a large amount of anti-oxidants which are needed for disease prevention too. Therefore, they provide a great substitute to meat for those who need a large amount of protein every day. Kidney, soy and broad beans are preferred for your weight loss regime.

Kangaroo: Skippy from Australia? For those of you who have not tried Kangaroo meat before, you will glad to know that it is one of the leanest meats you can find on the face of this earth due to its bouncing and high activity level. Roo meat provides a good source of fat-free protein, iron and zinc. It is great for those who want to cut down their calorie and fat intake from meat sources.

Lemon: This small yellow fruit which is commonly found in the kitchen has anti-bacterial properties which help to promote a healthy digestive system. It also energizes the liver, which helps with fat digestion. Want to activate your digestive system in the morning? Squeeze a little lemon into water and drink it after you wake up. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking it because it may erode the protective coating you have on your teeth due to its high acid content.

Onion: This vegetable can be a great companion for those with sweet tooth. By cooking it under low heat with a small amount of olive oil, it can become a sweet tasty seasoning to be added to any dishes. It has low calories and provides many health benefits like balancing blood sugar level, improving your heart health and many others.

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