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The Secrets to Weight Loss and Staying Skinny

By Harry M. Austin

Where getting slim is the norm and junk food is the bane, even to diligent people, a slice of chocolate cake can be appealing a cup of ice cream may be a great provocation. Nevertheless, what baffles most diet advisors and most people who have efficiently lost a great deal of weight is why people sometimes give in to temptation despite their better judgment. Maybe this is due to, when we see a delicious-looking food, a hormone in our belly called ghrelin starts sending powerful signals to the brain telling us to eat the food. Although, finding out how to slim down is vital, the earlier we unearth what can cause us to gain weight and hold on to it, the quicker we can get a cure for weight problems, or a simple method for losing those excess weight.

It's not at all odd to find people on diets going back to their previous eating routine specifically when they have just started, this too goes similarly for all who are done with getting skinny. They soon fall back to their old lifestyle or form another one. When this happens it becomes hard for them to shed pounds, and then for people who have already lost pounds, it becomes hard for them to maintain their current weight.

Without further waste of time, here are a few tricks that will help you get slim and also stay slim.

1. Act the Reminder - whether you are struggling to lose weight or are done with getting slim, you will need to act the reminder to remain slim. Acting the reminder simply means constantly reminding yourself why you need to lose weight; for example, when you think about parties, vacations, and the likes, instead of thinking about the foods, remind yourself about how attractive you will look or fit into the fancy cloth.

2. Drink As You can - I'mpositive you know I'm not speaking about liquor or those sugar drinks you're thinking about. Just where getting thin, or maintaining a fit body is concerned, the only important drink is water. The muscles and other tissues of the body are comprised of approximately Eighty percent water. The issue herein is that if you limit your intake of water, your entire body will surely retain water consequently making you feel like the "king or queen of bloat". However, if you stay hydrated, your whole body is not going to need to retain water, simply because it has an adequate amount of it - leaving you bloat free.

3. Maintain your diets - it is common for most people who have reached their weight loss goals to want to relax on their efforts. While I may want to congratulate you for the endurance, discipline and perseverance till the end, I think you should know that in order to keep your prize "your dream body", you may need to keep up with your efforts. Even if you may not pay the gym frequent visits as you used to, it is important that you still maintain your diet. This will help you prevent the accumulation of fats in the places where you have just struggled to get the off. Make sure you don't consume too much meal at a go, and try to eat low calorie foods, if for any reason you wish to indulge a little, make sure you make up it.

4. Don't Rush, spend some time to Adequately Chew on and Taste your Food - this is a single most efficient and important of all principles on getting slim. Without doubt, I can state that most people lose out on getting full satisfaction from their meals. When many people want to eat or whenever they eat, they just go Chomp-Chomp, and ingest. This tip helps all of the others to work more easily. Instead of rushing, wait till you have swallowed before picking up another chunk of meal again. If you are drinking soups or beverages, try to drink slowly. Bear in mind that if these foods are flavored, then they are meant to be savored. If you really feel like gulping anything down, then try water.

5. Watch Out For Hunger Pangs - one of the reasons why you are often advised to take lots of water is because it is very easy for people to mistake thirst pangs for hunger pangs. If you are looking to get slim or to maintain your body, then you have to eat only when you are physically hungry. As bad as it may be, most people actually eat when they feel bored or just for the comfort of eating. In addition, unless you live in the Stone Age, you should know by now that starvation is just as much a non-option where getting slim is concerned. Watch out for physical signs that you are hungry and as soon as you find it, make sure you don't delay eating. Delaying eating will result in the activation of the body's starvation mode. Where the body will adopt the method of burning less calories and saving up more as a reserve for energy during the time of "famine".

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