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Listening to the research about The Mediterranean Diet

By Lee Carter

Although it has only been known to modern man as a diet term in the 20th century, The Mediterranean Diet has been in existence for millenia, with a history that dates back to the ancient Olympics & the Greek and Roman gods. It was Homer himself who described olive oil as the nectar of the gods, but it is not the only part of the diet that needs to be looked at. Rather, it is a total combination of elements that makes The Mediterranean Diet so powerful.

WMHV is an indication of small vein damage in the brain of subjects and can be recognized by a simple MRI. Normal stages of WMHV can be discovered in individuals as they age, and past research shows that greater stages of WMHV in the mind are a sign of quantity of risk for action and dementia.

In the study, scientists compared the tests and diet plans of 966 grownups with an average age of 72. The participants' revealed diet plans were ranked according to how carefully they followed the Mediterranean diet. The outcomes revealed that those whose diet strategy was nearest the Mediterranean Diet strategy had considerably more 'abnormal' amounts of WMHV in evaluation to their peers.

If you've never followed a whole food diet plan, you need to take a second look. This is the most powerful way of eating known to man as you not only obtain all of your amino acids and proteins through healthy vegetables and lean fish, but also high levels of vitamins and minerals through whole grains and juices and teas and fruits. While not everyone is in agreement on the most powerful whole food diet plans, one of the most popular is The Mediterranean Diet.

If you want to lose weight, minimize your intake of synthetics and start eating natural yogurts and feta and raw dairy products. Seafood and eggs are part of the diet plan a few times per week, but keep your intake of red meats down to once a month. Drink at least six cups of water every day and one or two glasses of red wine per day and that's really all you have to know about The Mediterranean Diet. Everything else is nature working on its own.

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